About This Site

This site was built because I primarily wanted to share some of my findings exploring some deep concepts of cloud computing with the world.

I figured, if I found something frustrating, spent days researching the issue, and then found a solution… Perhaps I can spare the next engineer the pain.

The single largest reason I never made a site was security – I don’t want to maintain this page on a daily, weekly, or even a monthly basis. Thankfully static site generators like Hugo solve that. I had a tiny bit of free time over the holiday break to investigate the setup, and here it is! This site is hosted on a Git server, with connections to AWS SNS, Lambda, S3, and CloudFront. It’s not as pretty as WordPress, but it saves hours a year on maintenance and the domain fee is by far the single largest cost.

I’m happy to discuss and/or contract for AWS Solutions for your personal or business needs. Connect with me on LinkedIn or by e-mail at leemdoughty (GMail).