Lee Doughty

I'm Lee Doughty, Senior Cloud Systems Engineer at the Virginia Cyber Range and all-around geek.

Parallel API Gateway Lambda Execution

By Lee Doughty |  Aug 15, 2019  | aws

Summary: AWS Lambda through API Gateway binds requests to lambdas in 1:1, which means cold starts are likely if you receive more parallel requests than you have lambdas available to de-thaw. For more information, read below…

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Sparsification of AWS EBS Snapshot for Faster Initialization

By Lee Doughty |  Dec 31, 2018  | featured, aws

In short: This article will help you take an existing snapshot and reduce the initialization time of dirty snapshots (snapshots that contain large amounts of deleted data) by removing the dirty blocks from your snapshot. Combined with a tool like fio or dd to read over the disk, your initialization times should be reduced.

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